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In this book, you'll learn the secrets to eliminating negative thoughts.

How to use mental exercises to eliminate Self-doubt and so you can be more productive, alert, creative, and connected in relationships and business.

How to to wake up with purpose, feeling more connected through control of your physical and emotional well-being.​

How to consistently FEEL happy and live without worrying that something negative is about to happen.​​

How to promote your own ability to feel comfortable, being in complete control of your present moment.

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Lauryn Moret-Glass

Chianti Taylor

Meirav Meytal

Madeleine A.

As a breast cancer survivor, I have greatly benefited from the deep stretching classes and meditations directed by Christine. She encourages you to breathe through the challenging stretches with her witty commentary and uplifting words. Both my body and my mind have opened up as a result of this practice. Thank you, Christine, you are a blessing to anyone who has the good fortune to cross paths with you! Namaste!  

Lisa B.

My entire adult life I suffered from back pain. I’ve suffered for 27 years with chronic pain. Nothing I tried relieved the pain whether I was exercising or sitting at a desk or sitting in the car, my body was just locked up. Finally, Ellen Latham, the founder of Orange Theory Fitness,  recommended Christine’s Warm Raja Deep Stretch class. I feel fantastic, better than I did in my 20s and I just turned 50! Thank you Christine! xoxo

Sofia L.

Since using Christine’s 365 Positive Intentions, I have been meditating daily and I now understand this spiritual journey I’m on and know that all I need is a positive mental shift to change my perspective.

Jeff A.

Christine is the most Amazing yoga teacher I’ve had, and I have experienced many different teachers and classes. My hands down favorite is Christine’s Raja classes. Besides the awesome deep stretching and relief of pain from muscle tension, hips, and back, Christine has the most incredible guided meditations she uses that really keeps your focus on positive thoughts.

Here's How And Why We Can Make You This Promise...

I am Christine Lewis, founder and creator of Spoken Word Yoga. I teach Spiritually Significant Yoga and Meditation. I have taught Spoken Word Yoga for over 10 years and the positive affirmations I share inspire a positive mental shift to manifest everything you want in your life.

Spoken Word Yoga positive affirmations inspire positive change and reinforce the belief that a simple shift in perspective is all we need to improve our quality of life.

A negative mindset means living a life filled with regret, wishing you did more to feel fulfilled. 

This is YOUR life!


My clients eliminate negative critical thoughts and resolve burdens from the past while focusing clearly on their goals in the present moment to manifest their dream careers and relationships.

You will NEVER get the precious moments of your life back, time is passing you by and NOW is the PERFECT time for a Positive Mental Shift.

Changing The Way People Think

The Mental Health Foundation has published numerous studies revealing that everyone experiences  stress, but they emphasize the urgency of a positive mental shift when  stress is affecting your life, health and well being. If you do not improve stress level, the detrimental impact of negative thoughts can drastically diminish your quality of life and lead to debilitating depression.

YOU Can Fulfill Your Purpose and

Leave A Legacy That Matters!

Psychological and sociological studies document the inability to manage stress as the primary cause of depression and anxiety.

You have the a
bility to achieve optimal mental health right now and you deserve to feel excited about the present and your future.

Your level of happiness defines your quality of life and often determines your health and vitality.

Every Problem Has A Solution, Here Are Some Of The Things Spoken Word Yoga Can Do For YOU!

Here’s just the beginning of what a Positive Mental Shift Can Do!

Christine is an amazing yoga teacher. The biggest thing I’ve learned is the tips for a positive mental shift and how to work through the discomfort so much easier. 

Until you read her 365 Positive Intentions or attend one of her Yoga classes, you will never truly be able to understand the authentic magic and light she possesses. Namaste.

Bill Smith

  • Discover how to increase focus and determination to accomplish your goals for your business and relationships 

  • Train your mind to stop spending time and energy questioning yourself

  • Reduce anxiety and depression and believe in your power and ability to actively live your dreams

  • Create a clear plan for your life with goals rooted in the emotion you want to feel every moment
You're Here For A Reason!

GUESS WHAT?  If “365 Positive Intentions” doesn’t show you exactly how to SHOW UP as the best version of your Self in relationships and in business… if it doesn’t take you by the hand, step-by-step toward feeling happy, healthy, and more connected with your Self, Purpose, and your loved ones… or if it fails to help you eliminate critical and judgmental thoughts, then you’ll receive a FULL refund, No Questions Asked!!

I remember the first time I did yoga; Christine was my first teacher. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor to start me off. I cried in class because I never felt so overwhelmed with emotions, but Christine makes everyone feel so welcomed and special. I started my journey of letting go the day I met Christine and since then yoga has been everything to me.

Christine showed me how to smile through the tough times (pure bliss in those hamstrings). Christine’s presence, energy, and positive affirmations are so motivating and at the time I was at a challenging stage in my life where I was very confused.

Alana D.

This is Where
Spoken Word Yoga
can take you...

The journey inward is always enhanced while  exploring a Spiritually Significant place where ancient energies are available to you.

My 20 years of practicing yoga has taught me the significance of tapping into ancient energies around the world and I bring my students to those place every year!

Thank You So Much Christine!

I’m so grateful for everything you’ve exposed me to.  It’s been of so much value and now I’m on a clear path to a profound spiritual awakening.  Your mentoring and lesson’s from your Spoken Word Yoga audios have given me everything I need to get through the day.  Christine, you’re amazing in the way that you walk you through the yoga poses and assist me with making the most out of my experience.

Sanna Garrett-Smith

My name is Sanna Garrett-Smith and I teach financial literacy around the world.  I moved to Florida from SC because I had a spiritual awakening and made the decision that I needed a change in my environment, a change in the people in my life and most of all I decided that I wanted to take my life to the next level in terms of my spiritually. 


Once I moved to Florida, I decided I was going to learn more about meditation as well as what the “art of yoga” was.  Luckily, I had Christine on the first day of class and I stayed behind to speak to her and she was there with me to hold my hand on my path of enlightenment.


Christine was there to answer all the hard questions I was so desperately seeking answers… Questions about who I am, why I’m here and what my purpose is in this life.


On my first day, Christine invited me to my first yoga retreat in Thailand, which was an eye-opening experience to me, to say the least. In Thailand, Christine showed me how to tap into the ancient energies of the land which took my awakening to a whole new plateau!

Do You Want To Eliminate Negative Critical Thoughts?
Do YOU Believe These Statements Are True?

✓ A negative mindset means living a life filled with regret, wishing you did more to feel fulfilled.

✓ There is no time to waste.

✓ Clients eliminate negative critical thoughts and resolve burdens from the past while focusing clearly on their goals in the present moment to manifest their dream careers and relationships. 

365 Positive Intentions for A Mental Shift are life-changing, especially with the supportive positive reinforcement during the Yoga retreats…  after every Spoken Word Yoga retreat, I feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world while in the pursuit of my dreams. 

I always look forward to the next great Yoga retreat with Christine and my dear Spoken Word Yoga family.

Eileen K.

Happiness Is The Best
Defense Against Illness

The 365 Positive Intentions provides the blueprint to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts to detox the mind for more clarity in creating a positively fulfilling life.

Eliminate critical and judgmental thoughts and alleviate the frustration experienced when circumstances are not aligning in your favor by shifting your perspective and allowing every moment to benefit your life.

Suzi O.

There are many yoga instructors, but all too few who genuinely live the life and walk the talk. Christine, undoubtedly, is one of the few.

I have had the profound pleasure to experience two of Christine’s retreats and workshops. Her passion for yoga and her passion for life, in general, are evident in all of her words and actions.

I also had the extraordinary delight to witness Christine’s realization that her voice is an innate gift which should be shared with the world. You have to experience her soothing, calm, mellifluous voice and her words of wisdom to appreciate her unique talent.

Take one of her classes, or be bold and take a leap of faith; go on one of her retreats without having experienced one of her classes. I promise, you won’t regret it. On the contrary, you will thank me.

Happiness is directly linked to quality of life and overall health as you age.

Dutch sociologist Ruut Veenhoven, during a 2008 review of studies on happiness and longevity, found that happiness appears to protect against illness.

High stress levels are directly connected to increased physical and mental illness




“You can have the opportunity of a lifetime but it doesn’t make a difference unless you take advantage of it during the lifetime of the opportunity.” 

Leonard Ravenhill

• Stop reacting and start responding to circumstances and people in a way that supports your dreams and the aspirations for your life.

• Be the light in the room.

Be the source for positive energy.

Be that person that everyone wants to spend time with. 

Live your best life now

Here’s The Deal, There Are Actually A Few Reasons Why I’m Doing This…
  1. It’s my way of saying Thank You for being a subscriber committed to checking out what Spoken Word Yoga can really do for you.
  2. I want you to live your best life, on and off the Yoga mat. I believe that YOU have something valuable to offer to the world and the belief in your Self is all you need to live the purpose-driven life you deserve.
  3. Because I don’t make my money teaching others how to just master a Yoga posture, I teach people how to Master their MIND… so because of that, it doesn’t hurt me to share with you some of the secrets that have made me successful!
  4. I get an opportunity to add VALUE to you with some of my products in your hands and when you see the difference in your life, it should get you excited to BECOME part of the Spoken Word Yoga FAMILY!
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Stop reacting and start responding to circumstances and people in a way that supports your dreams and aspirations for your life. Be the light in the room. Be the source for positive energy. Be that person that everyone wants to spend time with. Live your best life now.

Christine Lewis, founder and creator of Spoken Word Yoga

Still wondering why I’m doing this…  It’s This Simple

Christine Lewis

Because My Spirit Demands That I Share Without The Expectation Of Return.

All my life I’ve felt my very best when making a positive impact in the lives of others.  I invite you to visit my studio where I can take you deeper into your personal journey than these gifts can bring you.  But even if we never meet personally, know that I hope, with all sincerity, that these gifts make a difference on your individual journey.  Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to reconnecting with you soon!

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I’m sharing the 10 Tips for a Positive Mental Shift as my FREE gift to you. This transformative guide to improve your mental space is FREE. 

I am offering the 365 Positive Intentions at a 50% discount to give you both a verbal and written daily reminder of the positive perspective that will improve your perception of your Self and the world. All you have to do is just simply click on the button below and begin elevating and evolving on your journey.

The 10 tips for a positive mental shift is yours as a gift for simply believing in my ability.

P.S.S. – If you still haven’t decided to hold space for yourself and begin your journey, do you know why? 

Most people I’ve spoken with have shared either one or a combination of three reasons: 

time, money and fear

Well, money can’t be an issue because what I’m offering is free. I can honestly tell you that time is your most valuable asset and my gifts are designed to show you how to live to your fullest in every moment of time that you experience.

Then, are you afraid of growing?  Are you afraid of remaining the same?  Are you afraid of living daily with the nagging vibration that you’re not living to your fullest and are out of alignment with your life purpose? 

Please, trust me.  The you that is waiting on the other side of your emotional and spiritual growth is beautiful.  That person is waiting for you to grow and become, through the changes in habit, lifestyle and the belief in your Self that I’ll teach you.  I’m here, are you ready?