365 Positive Intentions​

What Will These 365 Positive Intentions Do For You?​

HOW TO USE MENTAL EXERCISES to eliminate Self-doubt so you can be more productive, alert, creative, and connected in relationships and business.

                    ($19.97 Value)

HOW TO WAKE UP WITH PURPOSE feeling more connected by controlling your physical and emotional well-being.

                    ($19.97 Value)

HOW TO CONSISTENTLY FEEL HAPPY and live without worrying that something negative is about to happen.

                    ($29.97 Value)

HOW TO FEEL IN CONTROL OF YOUR PRESENT MOMENT and feel completely comfortable in any situation.

                    ($49.97 Value)

DISCOVER HOW TO INCREASE FOCUS DETERMINATION to accomplish your goals for your business and relationships.

                    ($99.97 Value)


TRAIN YOUR MIND to stop spending time and energy questioning yourself.

                   ($199.97 Value)


REDUCE ANXIETY and DEPRESSION and BELIEVE in your POWER and ABILITY to actively live your dreams.

                    ($99.97 Value)


CREATE A CLEAR PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE with goals rooted in the emotion you want to feel every moment.

                   ($199.97 Value)

Total Value: $672.00 PRICELESS

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