Spoken Word Yoga Philosophy: Create your dream life, one thought at a time. You create your reality, which gives YOU control over your reality. 

Every pose on the mat is teaching us to shift the alignment of our body to attain balance, reminding us to shift our perception of circumstances to create more of what we want in every moment. Alignment of body, mind, and spirit in every breath…with every thought.

Be kind to your Self and make certain that the voice in your head is telling you what you deserve to hear.

Use every moment to focus on your purpose and live with passion knowing your moments are turning into the memories that last for eternity.

Find comfort, even in the face of confrontation. A simple shift in our perception of the circumstance can change everything…whether it’s our perception of confrontation in our hips or confrontational circumstances in our life…all we require is a simple shift to change everything.

We don’t balance on 1 foot because it looks good in pictures…We work to balance the body to clear the MIND. The only option is to focus our mind if we intend to find balance on 1 foot and in our life.