Yoga 101


Yoga 101 Workshop:

Learn the alignment principles Yoga teachers know, without doing a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training to improve EVERY aspect of your practice, including:

Alignment and Bandhas: Learn to adjust the alignment of your hips and shoulders and use the power of your Bandhas to improve your postures

A Balanced Foundation: Moving from your toes to your nose, learn the techniques to improve balance during twists, standing postures, and to prevent balance-related injuries as we age.

Injury Prevention and Recovery: Learn stretch techniques to relieve existing joint and muscle pain while lubricating the joints and lengthening the muscles to prevent new injuries. Learn modifications to postures to compensate for physical limitations, joint replacements, or disabilities

Backbends, Hip-Openers, and Forward Folds: Backbends, hip-openers, and forward folds improve posture and relieve back, neck, and shoulder tension while releasing fear and anxiety to promote healing of emotional scars to rejuvenate the spirit.kxjfbjsvxds

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