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Samskara: The Sum Of Our Actions

Start today by thinking about everything we did yesterday—every interaction, every experience, every thought, and every feeling and emotion— and then assign a positive or …

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Lighter By Letting Go

Ancient yoga philosophy talks about the practice of the Asana—the movement as a means to make the body feel light by moving energy in places …

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Nothing Is Finite Everything Is Infinite

Things that are finite are infinite, that nothing is really just defined by one thing. No circumstance is defined by one thing. We always have …

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Use Your Pain to Find Your Purpose

Take a moment to recall our deepest heartache, the most challenging struggle. Then focus on what we learned from them. The things that are most …

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Make This Breath Better Than the Last and Make This Moment Better Than The Past

Take a moment to focus on breathing. Invite in a long and deep inhale and then hold it. Yes, keep holding it. Now, the longer …

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Never Mouth More Open Than Mind

I set the intention to never let my mouth be more open than my mind. I set the intention to lead with an open heart …

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