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Be Mindful of Overthinking

Choose to be mindful of overthinking. When we overthink, we analyze and examine things too much, and that overthinking is an exertion of energy. We …

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Personal Truth And Personal False

Each of us have created a personal truth and a personal false. We create an idea of what we believe about ourselves and our potential, …

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The Global Energy of Being Connected

Think about the magic of the timing of the internet at this point and at this time. Without this World Wide Web, we might think …

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tune five senses
In-tune With The Five Senses

Most of us are very familiar with the five senses. We know that we can smell, hear, taste, touch, and see, but there is actually …

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Concentration Eliminates Distraction

The mind can appear like it is hard to control— some even say that it is easier to control the wind than it is to …

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Space for Gratitude

Spend a moment to think about all of the people that we encounter through the course of the day and how beautiful it can be …

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