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Life Is A Road With A Lot Of Signs

Life is one big road with a lot of signs that guide us towards our destiny. Too often we don’t pay attention to the signs …

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Opportunities Instead of Obstacles

Set the intention to view every experience as an opportunity to improve. We choose how we perceive every circumstance in our life. We choose to …

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Smile Today

Set the intention to smile today. Smile for no apparent reason. Smile especially when our first inclination is not to smile. A smile is our …

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Be Selfish Today

Set the intention to be selfish today. Being selfish is not about neglecting anyone else. In fact, being selfish prepares us to offer more to …

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Thoughts Regulate Emotions

We use our thoughts to create emotions. If we regulate our thoughts to manipulate our emotions, we immediately begin to feel the shift our thoughts …

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I Focus On Strength

Today I focus on strength. I focus on the power of my thoughts, the power of my words, and the influence that my actions have …

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