[EDITED] Samskara The Sum Of Our Action

Samskara: The Sum Of Our Actions

Start today by thinking about everything we did yesterday—every interaction, every experience, every thought, and every feeling and emotion— and then assign a positive or negative value to that entire day. Sum up all the emotions, feelings, and interactions we have yesterday into one emotion or energy. What would it be?

The idea of Karma and Samskara is that everything about us, including our energy or aura, is the sum of our actions, our habits, and our tendencies. They all define the energy that we create inside and the energy we leave behind in this world.

So instead of thinking only about the accumulation of one day of energy, think about our entire life of energy. With the accumulation of all our emotions, feelings, and all our experiences, what one feeling or emotion will we assign to it?

Try to pull that altogether and summarize them in one word, and hopefully, that one word is rooted in positive love, compassion, and all the things we want more of in the world now. When we look back on our life, that accumulation of energy—that sum of all our actions, habits, tendencies, emotions, and energies—will equal to something amazing, something profound, and something spectacular, that we have offered to the world.

Make certain that every component of our day, every single interaction, emotion, and feeling is contributing to the sum of the whole so that when we look back on life, we feel whole. We feel that we have made the most out of the moments and created everything we want our life to be right now. 

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Blessings, blessings, blessings! Namaste.

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Nothing Is Finite Everything Is Infinite

Things that are finite are infinite, that nothing is really just defined by one thing. No circumstance is defined by one thing. We always have the option to expand our perception of everything. Consider that physicists spend their entire life trying to document the fundamental particles of existence. Even when we are lying still, we feel energy moving through our body. Certainly, one perspective is to just look at the physical body and think about the flesh and the bones and the hair and think that that’s all that there is, but then we think deeper. We think the interplay of blood, cells, and oxygen moving through our bodies. that each cell is really itself comprised of atoms. Those atoms are then comprised of protons,electrons, neutrons, and all of these particles are coming together to create the physical version of our Selves, Our physical body might appear finite, but no, our physical bodies are infinite. There’s an infinite number of things going on in the space of our physical bodies. Things billions of times smaller than even the atom itself. We could spend time thinking of a complicated equation or a complicated
explanation, but really, it’s all energy. It’s the same energy that moves through everything that
exists. Everything is ultimately energy. It is just up to us to decide what energy we want. So today, I decide that instead of thinking things are just defined and limited, I will view things as infinite so that the possibilities expand beyond what’s presented to me and I have the option to focus on something more. Instead of allowing things to be finite, realize everything has an infinite possibility and infinite perspective. I just have to explore it in the Kingdom of my mind. Today, I will allow everything to be infinite so there are infinite opportunities to experience the magic of every moment and realizing that nothing is finite at all. I have the opportunity to make it infinite. I will explore the infinite possibilities today and enjoy the day.

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Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.

Allocated A Certain Number Of Breaths

It is said that we have a certain number of breaths in this lifetime. The longer the breath, the longer our life. When we become aware of each breath, we realize how our breath is a reflection of our emotions. A slow, steady breath means we’re relaxed and content. When we are anxious, fearful, rushing, or when blood pressure rises our breath is short and rapid. That slow and steadiness of the breath gives us the ability to balance our emotions. Our emotions are intimately connected with our breath because the breath creates a physiological response in the body. Stress is often accompanied by short and rapid breath, but stress can be reduced immediately with a slow and steady exhale. The steadiness of the breath steadies the mind, steadies the emotions, and steadies our energy. Several philosophers believe that the longer each breath and the longer each moment, the more control we have over our emotions and our quality of life. I set the intention to focus on long, deep breaths today knowing the length, quality, and steadiness of my breath is a perfect indication of the stability and the balance of my energy and quality of life. Everything I invite into this breath should be a perfect reflection of everything I want to invite into my life. With each breath today, I choose to make the most of every moment and allow what I create in this breath to be the beginning of everything I want to create in this life. I intend to take it one breath at a time today. I intend to create my life one breath at a time.


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Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.