Christine Lewis

Christine Lewis

My purpose is to BE of service by inspiring and empowering the people I touch. I believe service and community is the essence of our purpose in this life and that the value of our lives is measured in the Spiritual currency we exchange through energy. Each of us has the power to INSPIRE and EMPOWER the people we touch…our ENERGY is our legacy in this life…the only thing anyone remembers about us is the energy we leave behind. I believe we have the power to set a clear intention to create the quality of energy we want in this life to improve the lives of the people we touch.

Celebrate With Self Love

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I set the intention to celebrate my Self today more than I would celebrate a holiday, a birthday, or a New Year. The way we treat ourselves gives everyone else the example of how to treat us. Self-love is best expressed by what we allow into our lives and by the energy we create in our space. Self-love is the measure that defines how others perceive our worth, which lays the foundation for the quality of energy they are going to invest in us. We have to treat ourselves with so much respect and unconditional love that everyone in our life will unquestionably understand how we deserve to be treated. I intend to be the epitome of Self-love. I will set the example of the highest standard of treatment by loving my Self so much that I never compromise. Today, I set the intention to celebrate my Self with love. I set the intention to breathe love, feel love, think love, speak love, and BE love. I intend to celebrate every breath of every day full of love because there is no better way to celebrate this life than with love. Love IS our celebration of Self.


The evolution of our Yoga practice is a journey of Self-discovery and Self-love. Yoga allows us to heal ourselves from the inside out by building Self confidence and Self awareness while promoting body positivity through Self acceptance. When we release the negative perception we create through judgment and criticism, we begin to love ourselves and others on a deeper level. The Yoga practice is the perfect expression of Self-love as we move our body with the breath in meditative movement while listening to our highest Self and making a conscious choice to honor our presence physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


The best way to cultivate a connection with body and soul is by joining a Spoken Word Yoga retreat in spiritually significant surroundings like Machu Picchu with like-minded people who support our purposeful pursuit of Self-love. Click here to find out how to sign up for Spoken Word Yoga’s upcoming Yoga Retreat in Peru!


Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.

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