4th Annual Yoga Retreat to Costa Rica

November 16-21, 2015

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The mountains of Costa Rica offer a sacred space for Yoga, meditation, and rejuvenating spiritual healing. I have returned to Pura Vida Spa for the past 10 years, feeling lured by the serene landscape and the gifted healers whose healing hands transform the lives of everyone they touch. Your body and mind are pampered during the holistic spa treatments with the blind healer, Olman, who uses his Om-Chu deep-tissue massage to open your muscles and your mind, to Katya, a body-talk healer, to Alex and her mind-altering massages, and Karina’s acupuncture and cupping therapies that all release deeply-rooted emotional energy from your body to compliment your Yoga and meditation practice during the retreat. The gourmet meals are expertly prepared with locally grown food that is so tasty that everyone goes back for second and third helpings while still feeling cleansed and energized from the healthy options. We take a group excursion to the Waterfall Gardens, where an optical illusion on the mountain-side shifts your perception of reality and offers breathtaking views of the Costa Rican jungle landscape. There are optional excursions to go zip-lining, waterfall repelling, and white-water rafting on the Pacuare River which is National Geographic’s #3 rated rafting location in the world. The energy of the Costa Rican people will fill your heart with the consciousness of Pura Vida “pure life.”

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Full Moon Yoga and Raja Deep Stretch

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