Kenya Global Seva Challenge with The Village Coorperative

October 7-24, 2015

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Kenya Africe

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Positive affirmations that encourage you to live a life of spiritual growth and positive transformation. Tap in to your power on the mat and manifest everything you want in your life
Eliminating the chatter, no dwelling on the past, no expectations of the future, no stress or tension…just magic in the moment
Live in the infinite possibility of Now
Manifest your life’s blessings in this moment.
Create a positive outcome of every circumstance
Breath is the natural flow of life…must let go of the old to make room for the new.
Be generous and unconditional with your love, joy, and happiness
Choose what makes you happy and do more of it and share it generously
Realize that the circumstances and people in your life are working with you to teach you more about your Self
Put your thoughts to work for you…experience the power of mental manifestation
Find freedom in the unknown, knowing that the unknown is where opportunity exists
Getting to do everything, is better than having to do anything

Sweat to Swagger Charity Fashion show at Blue Martini Boca supporting my volunteer efforts in Kenya

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