Christine Lewis

Christine Lewis

My purpose is to BE of service by inspiring and empowering the people I touch. I believe service and community is the essence of our purpose in this life and that the value of our lives is measured in the Spiritual currency we exchange through energy. Each of us has the power to INSPIRE and EMPOWER the people we touch…our ENERGY is our legacy in this life…the only thing anyone remembers about us is the energy we leave behind. I believe we have the power to set a clear intention to create the quality of energy we want in this life to improve the lives of the people we touch.

Lighter By Letting Go

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Ancient yoga philosophy talks about the practice of the Asana—the movement as a means to make the body feel light by moving energy in places of the body where the energy was stagnant before. It makes the body feel light through the big inhale we take in each movement of the posture and the pose even if it isn’t a vigorous movement.

In our Raja practice, we let gravity do the work, but the breath is still so important to move the energy through the body. Even if we are lying still, it is the breath that moves the energy through our body.

Think about the movement— the inhale and the exhale. The exhale is releasing and creating space while the inhale is occupying that space. This process cleanses, recycles, and regenerates energy.

The work through our yoga practice, our exercise, or our meditation is to get to that place where we are moving energy, creating a space by letting go of the old and inviting in something that is brand new. We make sure that this “something new” is lighter and easier so that we are not carrying a burden or working too hard.

In fact, all we are doing is making ourselves light by letting go.

Feel a little lightness today. Embrace it. Let go of anything that is heavy and replace it with something that is light.

It only takes one positive intention at a time to let go, feel light, and change our life now, and my intention is to share these positive intentions through my ebook, 365 Positive Intentions, so that you are prepared to offer the best of your Self to the world. Every word of this book is part of the daily mantras that I repeat to my Self to maintain a positive perspective. Register here and get 24/7 access to this interactive and audio-enhanced ebook for a special price.

Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.

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Lighter By Letting Go

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