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SPOKEN WORD YOGA AFFIRMATIONS – Positive affirmations and visualization and meditation sessions that inspire spiritual growth and positive transformation.

Learn life-shifting strategies to…

Utilize the power of positive
thinking to create infinite possibilities

Receive inspiration and motivation
for a purpose-driven life

Improve every aspect of life
one thought at a time

Each of us has the power to INSPIRE and EMPOWER the people we touch…our ENERGY is our legacy in this life…the only thing anyone remembers about us is the energy we leave behind.

We have the power to set a clear intention to create the quality of energy we want in this life to improve the lives of the people we touch.

My goal in every class is to enhance each students awareness of the power of their own presence and the power of their contribution to the global collective consciousness, knowing that the work we do on ourselves on the Yoga mat is preparation for the work we do in our communities and the world.

The energy we create in our own lives will shift the collective consciousness of the global community, so we must make a positive contribution and BE the source of positive energy in our own lives to leave behind a legacy of love.