Retreat's Frequently Asked Questions

Expect complete transformation
Expect your mind to clear, your body to relax, and your heart to open
You want to relax, but you feel that you “have” to plan time and activities to help you relax, planning transportation, lodging, and meals…all to create a sense of relaxation…but the planning is making you anxious about your vacation.

are planned for you, just book a flight that is convenient for you…Your Spoken Word Yoga team arranges for your airport transfer to the resort and all you are left to decide is which spa treatment to schedule and whether to walk in the gardens or along the beach or take a Yoga class, or just drift off into meditation or sleep in a hammock under the trees or socialize at the beach or by the Jacuzzi. There are plenty of options on the scheduled itinerary to choose from, in addition to the spa treatments and excursions available through the resort.  We encourage you to feel the freedom to embrace the option to do nothing at all, permitting you to BE in the space that feeds your spirit. The itinerary is meant to give you options, knowing that anything you choose to do is exactly what you should be doing.

and feel comfortable in a supportive environment with like-minded people who create a loving bond of community and connection.  Even if you have never taken a Yoga class, you will enjoy the healing, restorative benefits of a Spoken Word Yoga retreat.
Eliminate distractions and liberate your Self from cell phones and email, knowing that they are available if you NEED to connect, but always giving your Self the option to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with IN.

Gentle, slow-movement, alignment-based Yoga classes to give you the foundation in your feet and awareness of your body to move comfortably through the Yoga Asanas (postures) and powerful vinyasa classes that will challenge you physically and allow you to explore arm balances and inversions and more advanced strengthening postures.

Every evening I offer restorative Raja Deep Stretch Meditation classes that will relax every muscle in your body and shift you into a meditative bliss.

Every retreat offers workshops

that will help you to refine your postures like a Yoga 101 workshop covering alignment principles and fundamental Yoga posture concepts, Bandha and Breath workshops to connect with your core power, Arm balance and Inversion workshops to help you harness the confidence to fly, and visualization and meditation workshops that guide you deeper within.

Everything on the itinerary during the retreat is optional

A typical day begins with morning meditation between 7-7:30am followed by the morning Yoga class with plenty of modifications offered for all levels. The afternoons are free to attend workshops, enjoy spa treatments, or venture off on an excursion. The late afternoon Yoga class incorporates the topics of the workshops so you apply what you have learned during your practice. Every evening there is a healthy dinner with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options and a chicken or fish option. After dinner enjoy a Raja Deep Stretch Meditation session that will release tension from every crevasse of your body to prepare you for a restorative sleep.

All meals are healthy, nourishing, freshly-prepared buffet-style meals with plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, typically partnered with a fish or chicken option for the meat eaters. Special food requests are always honored.

Christine is an amazing yoga teacher. Her classes are a balance of yoga, motivation, and inspiration. Christine knows how to encourage you to reach your limit and be-yond, always keeping your yoga practice safe, fun, and energizing. The Costa Rica retreat was amazing last year and I am looking forward the next retreat with Christine and Spoken Word Yoga

Eileen K.