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Lauryn Moret-Glass

Chianti Taylor

Meirav Meytal

Cindy Teeto

Beith Eiglarsh

Sheeva Taber

Madeleine A.

As a breast cancer survivor, I have greatly benefited from the deep stretching classes and meditations directed by Christine. She encourages you to breathe through the challenging stretches with her witty commentary and uplifting words. Both my body and my mind have opened up as a result of this practice. Thank you, Christine, you are a blessing to anyone who has the good fortune to cross paths with you! Namaste!  

Lisa B.

My entire adult life I suffered from back pain. I’ve suffered for 27 years with chronic pain. Nothing I tried relieved the pain whether I was exercising or sitting at a desk or sitting in the car, my body was just locked up. Finally, Ellen Latham, the founder of Orange Theory Fitness,  recommended Christine’s Warm Raja Deep Stretch class. I feel fantastic, better than I did in my 20s and I just turned 50! Thank you Christine! xoxo

Sofia L.

Since using Christine’s 365 Positive Intentions, I have been meditating daily and I now understand this spiritual journey I’m on and know that all I need is a positive mental shift to change my perspective.

Jeff A.

Christine is the most Amazing yoga teacher I’ve had, and I have experienced many different teachers and classes. My hands down favorite is Christine’s Raja classes. Besides the awesome deep stretching and relief of pain from muscle tension, hips, and back, Christine has the most incredible guided meditations she uses that really keeps your focus on positive thoughts.

Thank You So Much Christine!

Dr. Louisa Rogers

I’ve been taking yoga with  her for years and I highly highly recommend her class. She teaches in a couple of different locations. The Asanas are great for moving energy around and getting unstuck not to mention she is generally staying limber— I don’t have to tell you that the older you get, the more important that is. Added to that is what Christine has to say through the entire class which are really words of not only encouragement but also spiritual insight. I’m sure you’ll love the class. There isn’t really anything else I could say except try one and you’ll be hooked just like I was.



(So you DON'T have to hire a life coach or feel burdened with regret later in life)

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