Christine Lewis

Christine Lewis

My purpose is to BE of service by inspiring and empowering the people I touch. I believe service and community is the essence of our purpose in this life and that the value of our lives is measured in the Spiritual currency we exchange through energy. Each of us has the power to INSPIRE and EMPOWER the people we touch…our ENERGY is our legacy in this life…the only thing anyone remembers about us is the energy we leave behind. I believe we have the power to set a clear intention to create the quality of energy we want in this life to improve the lives of the people we touch.

The Global Energy of Being Connected

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Think about the magic of the timing of the internet at this point and at this time. Without this World Wide Web, we might think that each of us is just sitting alone in our own space.

Think about how, in 1918 for instance, the only way people knew that there was a problem going on was if somebody in their space was directly impacted by the problem. One had to personally know or  hear it from somebody who dealt with the problem in order for them to know the problem existed. And even then, they might think it’s only happening to them; that it’s only happening in their community, in their space, in their estate, without knowing that it’s actually happening worldwide.

The difference in our communication then and now, especially now that we are social distancing, is that we have this internet to make us feel connected even when we are distant.

I honestly always make an effort to think of things in a different way. I almost feel comforted by the fact that the entire world is experiencing the same thing in that we realize how deeply connected we actually are. It doesn’t matter who we are or where we live— everyone is impacted in a way that we know, and we all are experiencing something similar.

Breathing together is such an intimate thing.

Just in that space where we’re inhaling and exhaling together, it almost feels like nothing else in the world matters. I just think about how profound that is. There’s this deep connection that keeps us from having that clutter in our mind and thoughts that might leave us feeling a little disconnected from things.

Thinking again about our connections, we realize how there are literally hundreds of millions of people at this very moment doing the same thing without even knowing it. We’re all in the space of being deeply connected all the time even when we are individually in our own isolated physical space. There are people feeling the same thoughts, the same emotions, having the same sensations and experiences— all the varying degrees. 

So set an intention that this becomes a global energy: the feeling of being connected.

Be aware that somewhere on the opposite side of the world, there is someone who’s feeling the same emotion, breathing in the same breath, feeling the same thoughts, and being in the same space that we are right now. Hopefully, that encourages us to show up in the lives of the people we touch in a different way, to be a little more generous, and to be a little more kind.

Feel connected with everyone today. Join the Spoken Word Yoga community and follow @spokenwordyoga on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok for Positive Affirmations and information on Yoga Retreats and Global events to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! Namaste.

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The Global Energy of Being Connected

Think about the magic of the timing of the internet at this point and at this time. Without this World Wide Web, we might think …

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