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During each Spoken Word Yoga class, postures are purposefully sequenced to relieve pain and tension to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.

The positive affirmations infused into the Yoga flow intentionally empower and inspire to generate a powerful belief in the ability of the mind to determine our quality of life.

Every pose on the mat is teaching us how to shift the body’s alignment to attain balance and the positive affirmations ease the mind to find comfort, even in the face of confrontation.

Every pose is a reminder that a simple shift in our perception can change the quality of our experience.

The Spoken Word Yoga Vinyasa flow uses the power of the breath to stimulate the Chakras by combining the physically rigorous practice of the yoga asanas with a mental “work-in” that purifies and reinvigorates the soul.

The Spoken Word Yoga Raja Deep Stretch Meditation is profoundly relaxing as gravity does the physical work in relieving tension in the body while the student is free to close their eyes and vacation in the playground of the mind. Spoken Word Yoga Raja Deep Stretch Meditation classes will relax every muscle in your body and shift you into a meditative bliss.


Spoken Word Raja Yoga is the Yoga of consciousness, rooted in the idea that I am everything and everything exists in me.  During the Raja Yoga session, Christine guides students through a gentle sequence of floor postures designed to systematically open the hips, hamstrings, shoulders, and neck while weaving the postures together with an intuitive Spoken Word narrative to focus awareness inward to merge mind, body, and spirit with the essence of everything that exists.

The themes of Christine’s Spoken Word Yoga classes are rooted in the awareness that Our consciousness is the source for everything that exists in the physical world.